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Jennifer is out for dinner with her friends Johnny and Mike in Vienna. As they haven’t met for a long time they decide to go out  in one of Vienna’s many clubs. As neither Jennifer nor her friends have a clue what is going on tonight they turn to the restaurant’s pinboard with event posters.

There are several posters featuring tonight’s events but none of the DJs and the event locations sound familiar. What if they are playing Techno music Jennifer and Mike don’t like at all? What if the taxi ride costs them a fortune because it takes 45 minutes to get there?

Jennifer pulls her smart phone out of her pocket and launches Smartreality as an Android application. As she points the phone to one of the posters, the Smartreality app recognizes the poster and adds interactive elements on the phone display: Tapping the speaker icon next to the DJ name plays music by the artist. Thank god, no Techno music! They are listening to a DJ mix recorded live last week and is one of thousands mixes from all over the world on

The camera icon next to the name of the club shows images of last weeks event. Jennifer and her friends really like the pictures! But what if tonight’s event is already sold out? Tapping the ticket icon shows that tickets are still available and can be bought using the Smartreality app.

All set, Jennifer taps the “Get me there” icon showing several options to either open a map with the route to the venue, or call a taxi to the club. She decides to call a taxi. The Smartreality app automatically sends her GPS data to the next available cab. A couple of minutes later Jennifer, Johnny and Mike sit in a taxi heading to the club still listening to the DJ mix.

This use case will be realised in the Smartreality project in collaboration with our partner

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