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About SmartReality

The SmartReality project is a 2 year FFG funded R&D activity with the goal to create smart augmented reality environments. Find out more about:

  • the project vision of Smart Augmented Reality
  • what is Augmented Reality?
  • how will it be smart?

The vision of SmartReality:

The Innovation Network for Smart Applications and Media will bring together several leading innovative Austrian SMEs with the required combined competencies to develop a new paradigm of smart applications and media through integration of semantics and service-based innovative solutions, which we call Smart Reality. Smart Reality makes possible unique service and content packages which are contextualized and personalized to users, and used to realize applications targeting the online media services, smartphone applications and real-services markets with highly differentiated functionalities which can win market share and create success stories.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality refers to a live view of the physical, real world environment with an overlay of virtual, digital elements. This overlay is intended to augment the user's experience of the real world, e.g. through the provision of additional information about the objects in the real world environment, the enrichment of the real world environment with virtual experiences such as games, or experiencing digital content attached to a real world location when in that location's proximity. 

The best known application of augmented reality today is in smartphones, using the phones camera to render the view of the live, real world environment, and combining that view with POIs (Points of Interest) which have a geographical location so that a user, where they are in the proximity, can view those points and explore them through association with more information about that point (a tourist sight, or a restaurant, or a mountain on the skyline).

How will our augmented reality be smart?

Today the augmented reality experience is rather static, there is a database of POIs and they are displayed according to an user's location and orientation. There is little or no further processing around what the POIs actually represent, what the user is interested in, the current context of seeking an augmented reality and the combination of these three factors in selecting which points are to be displayed to the user and what content should be offered in conjunction with them.

SmartReality will explore the use of the latest semantic and service technologies to provide for a richer, more personalised augmented reality experience. Standing in the middle of a city late Friday night, the user may be more interested in local bars and clubs - in the same location on a Sunday morning, it may be more relevant to suggest a visit to local churches and museums. Going to the church, an art fan might appreciate information about the artworks on display, while a worshipper wants rather the times of Mass. Hence SmartReality will make augmented reality smarter and more usable, enriching a persons reality as they want it and how they want it!

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